the easiest way to order from all of your SUPPLIERS

Choco is the world's largest free mobile app that lets you order from all of your suppliers in seconds.

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Orders are 5x more accurate

Orders take seconds,
not hours

Reduce food waste by 50%

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Product Features

Multi-Location Tracking

Use one login to access all your locations and oversee operations across your business.

POs Generated Automatically

Receive a record of all orders sent immediately to as many people as you like.

Group Chat & Order

Invite your team to the Choco app for complete transparency on who is ordering, what and when.

Your Digital Order Guide

Place your orders anytime, from anywhere, in three clicks. Your Choco order guide is preloaded with units, pars and product ID for maximum accuracy.

Gain Business Insights

Receive monthly purchasing reports to track demand by product, category and vendor. No need to update spreadsheets by hand. Gain real insights on how to grow your business.

No More Delivery Mistakes

Strengthen supplier relationships by eliminating the mistakes that happen by phone or voicemail. Chat with suppliers for real time updates on product availability, so you know exactly what to expect, with no surprises.
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You have questions? We have answers!

About Choco

Do my suppliers have to be on the app?


We are here to strengthen your existing relationships with vendors so we built Choco to fit seamlessly into any vendor’s workflow. Vendors do not need the app as orders placed on Choco are automatically sent directly to them in any way they prefer (email, text, fax).

Why is it free?


Choco is 100% free for restaurants and vendors. We operate on a SAAS model, building custom-made premium tools which you can choose to purchase.

Who are WE?


We are one of the fastest growing companies in the US and are expanding around the world very quickly.

HoW DO I Start?


Reach out to us via our onboarding form. We will get back to you as fast as possible to give you a personal onboarding.
We well digitize your order guides/invoices and you’ll be able to start placing orders through Choco in less than 24h.

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Any other benefits?


We send you analytics on your purchasing on the app at the end of each month to help you grow your business. And we will try to make possible whatever you are dreaming of.

My Chat

How do I add a new supplier?


Tell us which supplier you want to add - we will make sure to add it on ASAP.

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Can I have delivery information (min. amount, delivery costs and cut-off time) included on my chat?


Yes, if you give us the delivery information you need and for which suppliers, we will make sure to add it on for you. Send us a quick text via the Choco Chat Helpline in the app.

Can I send photos through the app?


Not yet. Please feel free to send us any updates to your order guides via mail or chat.

How do I delete a chat?


Send us a quick text via the Choco Chat Helpline in the app. Tell us which supplier you want to delete - we will make sure to take it off ASAP.

My Orders

Can orders go to more than one person?


Yes, absolutely.

Can I order offline?


You can create and edit orders while offline and we will make sure to send the order to your supplier whenever you are back online with Choco.

Can I change an order after it's sent?


No, you can message your supplier through the app and tell him you need to modify the order, or you could resend a new order with a comment to confirm this is the correct order.

Can I start an order and have my colleague send it later?


No, but your colleague can see the order you have sent as soon as you have sent it.

Can I categorise my lists?


Coming soon as requested by you!

My Products

How do I add a product?


On the bottom of your product list in each chat you have the opportunity to add a product.

Can I delete, edit or change the order of my products?


Yes! Just click the 'Edit' button at the top right of your product list - you can change Pars, Units, Product IDs, Names and the order of line items.

I have changed my menu, how do I upload a new product list?


You can do this yourself in the app, but our customer service is here to help. Just send us a quick text via the Choco Chat Helpline in the app.

User Management

How do I add a new user onto my account?


Please contact your customer support representative via the Choco Chat Helpline in the app to add/remove users.

I am moving on/going on vacation, how do I set up the new ordering manager?


Very easy, just communicate your ordering manager's mobile phone number and his name through your Choco Chat Helpline.

Can users under the same account have the app in different languages?


Yes! The app uses the language that is native to your phone.

My sales rep has changed, how do I change the contact details for my orders?


Please mention who your new sales rep is and how he needs to be contacted via the Choco Chat Helpline.

Can I have employees set up with restricted access to certain chats?


Sure, we customise the app for your needs. Tell us how you want the restrictions to be made on the Choco Chat Helpline and we will do it for you.